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A career in a hyper-growth start-up

In just a few years, Welink has experienced unprecedented growth. What has made our evolution so spectacular? What is it that allows us to reach our goals?

Our employees tell you: in our startup, we have passionate colleagues, and above all, passionate people! We learn from each other, and we help each other…and there are 200 of us, so that’s a lot of people to rely on! 


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Would you like to join us? Our Sales, Customer Success, Tech, Marketing, HR, and Finance teams would be delighted to welcome you in our Paris and Lisbon offices.

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What are the advantages of working at our startup?

A pleasant and fun environment, stimulating work, challenges to conquer, a real proximity with all the teams and the management, the development of your entrepreneurial spirit… Working in a startup opens up new perspectives.

We invite you to discover our commitments, our values, and our mission to take you into our world: it’s the best way to encourage you to join us!

Welink, a startup committed to you

We match, you grow

This is our commitment: We match, you grow. This applies to our partner companies, but also to our employees. Joining our team means joining a hyper-growth startup where professional growth and development abound. 

We promote equal opportunities 

In less than three years, we deployed our SaaS solution in eight European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK. Among our employees in Paris and Lisbon, diversity of languages and cultures is the key to success. We value candidates’ talents more than past experience, and we are committed to equal opportunities. Is your profile atypical? Or does your career seem to be mapped out already? Come and experience the Welink adventure!

Did you know that?

Welink is committed to equality. We co-finance the Remixt project and offer our employees training and the possibility of building solutions together without discrimination (sexism, homophobia, disability, etc.). Video training, quizzes, surveys… Remixt allows everyone to express themselves and to learn about respect for others.

We help you grow 

Our team is growing extremely fast: we’re already 200 people, barely three years after the foundation of our startup. What if you grow with us? 

Do you have talent? In our company, you will find all the ingredients to grow: 

  • varied projects that allow you to develop your skills,
  • stimulating challenges,
  • great colleagues to support you,
  • and opportunities to advance in a start-up where everything moves quickly!

We say it, and we do it: 


Welinkers started their careers as interns before obtaining a permanent contract


 internal promotions in 2021

Our working environment matters to us 

To conquer Europe, we rely on three elements: 

  • strong values: transcendence, collaboration, autonomy, intensity, and consideration
  • over-motivated teams: 200 employees committed to supporting the digitisation of small and medium-sized companies on a daily basis
  • and of course, offices that are a pleasure to work in!

Our offices are located in the heart of two European capitals: Paris and Lisbon.

We know how important it is to feel good at work. That’s why we’ve given careful thought to the choice of our offices. Spacious and pleasant work spaces, connected meeting rooms, shared spaces, sports and game facilities… We designed a place where you can let your talent shine!

Put your skills at the service of strong values

We place our values at the centre of our actions. They guide our choices and are a true way of being for each of us! 



We share the same focus and commitment; we listen to and learn from each other. In short, our work runs on team spirit!


As a rapidly growing company, we work towards obtaining the best possible outcome in the least wasteful manner by maintaining intensity, passion, and a sense of urgency.


Be a responsible and autonomous team member in our company: we favour career evolution and internal promotion.


Good is not good enough! We constantly challenge ourselves to aim for excellence. We believe there is always a record to break.


We place people at the heart of our business and we value everyone equally.

Now that you know a little more about us, why don’t you go for it? We invite you to view our job offers, to find out more about our organisation and our available positions.

You can also contact us: we’ll be delighted to answer you!


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