Well-being at work 

Why it matters and how to achieve it

Well-being at work? Everyone is talking about it! Between drinks, or just after a late Netflix, alone or with friends, many of us have asked ourselves the question: “Am I happy at work?” 

In any case, companies see the need to create a great working environment!


Well-being at work has become a priority for companies today, while paradoxically, suffering at work seems to be more and more common.

With the power of social networks and the growing demands of employees for professional fulfilment from their employers, the subject is more relevant than ever.

Well-being is: “A pleasant state resulting from a calm mind and a satisfaction of the body’s needs. Material well-being allows for a pleasant existence”. 

Well-being is therefore: 

  • moral
  • material
  • and physical

In order to ensure well-being at work, both a company and its employees must take a step. It’s like the first kiss in the film “Hitch”: it’s 70-30!

Let’s take action! 


Provide a good working environment

The quality of the environment at work directly influences our mood and productivity.

Natural light, cheerful and soothing colours, and functional furniture and equipment create a workspace that promotes a dynamic atmosphere and discourages isolation. Add a few green plants and you’re golden.

Healthy living

This is not a secret: healthy food, exercise, and a good night’s sleep all promote healthy living! Adopting an active and balanced lifestyle is essential. Progressive companies offer healthy meals, recreational and sports activities, and some even provide rooms for napping!

Activities offered by Welink include:

Football tournaments 

Ping Pong tournaments 

Salsa classes 

Video games 

Encouraging exchange and collaboration

However, buying a few potted plants and table football is not enough! You need to be able to express your needs, desires and concerns. Exchange between employees, managers and HR must be facilitated.

Welink is a multicultural company, with Spanish, Italian, English, and German teams and an office in Portugal. The mastery of English is therefore important to be able to understand each other. Courses are offered by the company, with the collaboration of a native English-speaking Welinker. 

The years 2020-2021 have been tough for everyone, with health crises and restrictions. And when you have just arrived in a new city, let alone a foreign country, you need to meet people. Welink has been encouraging links between its teams, through events and sharing moments, to enable everyone to find their place and the support we all need. 

Key tips to get off to a good start

Professional development

It is important to take an interest in the development of employees’ skills and responsibilities based on their experience and career wishes.

To promote professional development: 

  • Regularly review the employee’s situation 
  • Identify areas of blockage and progress
  • Give the employee opportunities to maximise his/her potential