Welink: Breaking new ground with a new visual identity

March 9, 2021

The new Welink identity represents the changes our organisation is undergoing as well as an important shift in our values and our reach. Although our mission and vision remain the same, Welink is now the name of an umbrella company that has under its wing 6 different platforms, each offering services in 8 different countries across Europe.

Welink as a cohesive entity 

In our efforts to rebrand meaningfully, we’ve decided to use the Welink name as part of all our platforms. This is because we want to focus our brand on our ability and commitment to connect businesses and people, and we want to emphasise our core vision: making professionals stand out by giving them the edge they need to grow their business and link more efficiently. Our motto “we match . you grow” is likewise representative of our overarching goals and aspirations to facilitate contact and help businesses find their footing and reach their full potential.

Welink has become one matchmaking platform covering different areas of practice, and consistently works to grow and evolve in an exciting, fast-paced business environment. Our rebranding allows us to highlight the coherence and uniformity of our mission and vision throughout the different industries, while simultaneously showcasing the diversity of our domains and our aptitude for consistent internal growth and innovation. Welink is now more than ever finding strength in the unity of its missions, and wishes to represent itself as an integrated entity whose main purpose is to connect people and facilitate the digitisation of the small businesses, and most of all watch its clients succeed.

Therefore, in addition to Welink’s logo taking on a new life and a design more representative of our core values, we have decided to rename our websites accordingly. Through them, we keep the Welink name at the forefront of our brand and home in on our matchmaking efforts across different lines of business. Katchr becomes Welink Agencies, Jurilink becomes Welink Legal, MyAdvisers becomes Welink Accountants, and Protradesmen becomes Welink Builders.

Welink loyal to its core values, now more than ever

We believe it’s important to preserve our brand’s integrity and loyalty to its core values, while also making changes to better ourselves on a regular basis. Our new visual identity is a testament to our original goals as well as our drive for moving forward and adapting to a changing business landscape.

Welink has established itself as  a structured and ambitious salestech, but that’s not all we represent. More than ever before, we represent a company committed to its culture and the values that nourish it, as well as to its employees. Autonomy, collaboration, consideration, intensity, and transcendence remain the foundations of our identity and fuel our performance every single day. Through its new visual identity, Welink never loses sight of its desire to give every professional around the world the advantage they need to be able to stand out thanks to a digital matching ecosystem combining innovation and simplicity. Supported and run by a team of individuals who are never without their daily dose of energy and are consistently working to transcend themselves and achieve their goals, Welink succeeds every day in the challenge of staying true to its values while further developing its ambitions and projects.

welink headquarter

Efforts for expansion: How Welink is striving to become global 

The most recent of our strides in the effort to expand our reach has been our ongoing project for international development, with a total of €5.7 Million in funds raised at the end of 2020 dedicated to our plans of continuing Welink’s development in Europe and kickstarting its establishment in all of Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. We consider this ongoing effort to establish our presence around the world a representation of Welink’s perseverance and dedication to its values, as we continue to move forward with ardour and cement our position as one of the main French startups on the rise in the year 2021.

With plans of tripling the amount of professionals registered on its platform by the end of 2021, Welink aims to follow through on a rapid and fluid deployment of its services across other European markets and structure itself in the Americas as the premium networking platform for self-employed professionals.

Our vision is clear: place liberal and independent professionals front and center using innovative and effective matching strategies. Welink is stepping into its new identity with enthusiasm and drive, as we move towards a more global presence and a more notable influence, generously backed by our investors’ support and trust. Revolutionising our branding is one of the many ways in which we hope to bring new life to the Welink universe, and we can only hope you join us in this exciting journey as we cover more and more ground globally.