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Welink Agencies wants to bring advertisers and marketing agencies together

Welink Agencies is the new platform launched by Welink in early 2021. It currently lists several hundred agencies. The Welink Agencies platform aims to facilitate the networking process between agencies and advertisers. The challenge is to enable everyone to find the contact who’s suited to their needs. With its win-win model, it:

  • offers high visibility to its partner agencies
  • offers a wide variety of skills to advertisers

Katchr becomes Welink Agencies

The matchmaking platform known as Katchr has changed its name to Welink Agencies. The name change was accompanied by a complete rebranding. The graphic identity of the French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian and German Welink Agencies platforms has been completely redefined. Through this rebranding, Welink cements its growth and further accelerates and improves the visibility of its partner companies.

Welink Agencies, a digital solution dedicated to marketing agencies

Welink Agencies offers marketing agencies an all-in-one SEO and visibility solution. With Welink Agencies, marketing agencies gain online visibility. They also make themselves available 24/7 to their clients. Welink Agencies offers marketing agencies a complete professional profile, combining their recent projects, expertise, contact information, and other relevant information all in one place. 

With the functionalities of online messaging and follow-up tools at their disposal, marketing agencies can stand out, highlight their business and win new clients using the platform. 

New Features

In order to provide an ever-improving service to our partners, Welink’s platforms are continually evolving. Marketing agencies now have a comprehensive dashboard that lets them monitor their activity. This allows marketing agencies to track how well their brand is performing.  The platform’s messaging tool has also evolved. Thanks to this tool, agencies remain continuously connected to their clients. These intuitive tools are becoming real business accelerators. Their main strong point: Welink designs them based on feedback from platform users.

Providing a turnkey solution for agencies

Welink Agencies boosts the visibility of marketing agencies. We provide direct contact and easy-to-use tools. This saves our clients time as it lets them focus on growing their business. Our all-in-one solution and support are our strengths. They allow us to create a genuine partnership with our agencies.

At the same time, our platform offers a high added value to advertisers. It allows them to find all the information they need to make a decision very quickly. With Welink Agencies, advertisers can be assured that they are contacting the right professional for their project.

Charles Passereau

CEO, Welink

Finding a marketing agency with Welink Agencies

The startup Welink also allows advertisers to find the right agency for their needs. The platform features a powerful search system by:

  • location,
  • specialisation, and
  • type of project.

Welink Agencies then suggests the right agency for the user in just a few clicks. The platform allows you to broaden your horizons by discovering new and innovative marketing agencies.

Expert professionals

Welink Agencies hosts on its platform a wide range of marketing agencies with expertise in a variety of sectors: SEO agencies, communications agencies, web agencies, influencer marketing agencies, advertising agencies, graphic design agencies, and more. These partner agencies are located throughout the UK and Ireland and abroad. By using Welink Agencies, advertisers can easily find agencies that are more than capable of meeting their requirements.

Sharing Marketing Secrets

Welink does more than just connect advertisers and marketing agencies. The Welink Agencies platform provides a wealth of content on marketing and communication strategies. It allows users to better understand different marketing issues and use tried and tested strategies to their advantage. Visit the Welink Agencies blog to learn more about SEO, creating a marketing strategy, and the latest trends in graphic design. 

Interviews with experts

You will also find portraits of marketing specialists in the form of interviews full of insights for anyone who wants to know more about the world of entrepreneurship and digital agencies. These interviews highlight the expertise of the agencies that are registered on our platform. Thanks to them, visitors to the platform can put a face on each of our participating partners. This is a good way to discover an agency before contacting it.

Accelerating exchanges between professionals

Welink is present in 8 countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and the UK. With its international and multi-sector vocation, the startup is positioned as a reference in the field of networking for professionals.

It offers its digital solution to professionals in 5 different sectors: marketing agencies with Welink Agencies, but also architects, accountants, lawyers and construction professionals. A solid community of small businesses and freelancers has been built around Welink.

Welink represents a network through which commercial exchanges between professionals are born.