Welink’s networking platform and suite: Professional visibility and benefits

Welink offers premium expertise and services to professionals and individuals alike. Know the benefits of connecting on our platforms and start reaching your goals today.

Services and expertise for small businesses

Your business is at the core of our concerns. Find the best expertise and services that your business deserves, at a fair fixed price with no additional commission fee. Welink is developing functionalities to help companies be listed on all the networks and search engines impacting their business. Lead management features and customer innovations are regularly integrated into our platforms.

Welink’s matchmaking function offers the best service and expertise to professionals and customers so they can effectively enhance their visibility and their projects through real benefits and proof points. 

Your benefits, your clients: Maximise your online visibility and optimise your SEO

Your online visibility is consistently improved with regular content updates that contribute to highlighting your business and pushing it to the top of the results pages of the main search engines.

  • Get a personalised page to showcase your activity on our platform specifically dedicated to your profession 
  • Be visible on the main search engines and online directories and GPS with no hassle thanks to multichannel presence technology. We display your standardised & optimised information automatically on more than 10 search engines and directories including Google My Business boost your SEO by +80% views
  • Be on top of search engines results pages with a good SEO. We publish regular content through professional articles every week to showcase your organisation in a professional environment and to boost SEO
  • Increase your notoriety and credibility with the required online visibility

Premium service and expertise at a fair cost

  • Control your promotional costs
  • Everything is included: your personal page, your multichannel presence, marketing efforts, service…
  • Our experts take care of everything while you focus on your activity
  • We keep you posted on results 
  • A fair and fixed annual subscription with no commission fee on any additional business we provide
  • Our experts are here to support you all throughout our partnership
  • Your account manager gets in touch with you every 3 month for activity reporting and optimisations

We make sure that you are supported throughout the entirety of our partnership, and we check up on your progress regularly. Our goal is to follow through and be a contributing factor in reaching your goals, and we make it a point to be proactive for your success.

More contacts, more opportunities

To make sure you stay available for your prospective and current clients at any given time, Welink gives them 3 different ways of getting in contact with you. We let your clients know that you are reachable, and ensure ease of access. Whether by phone, email, or online appointment, you remain within reach and convey an image of professionalism and reactivity. 

  • Gain more contacts thanks to your personal page and digital marketing activities (paid campaigns, SEO, social media…) managed for you
  • Get quality contacts who choose you and get in direct contact with you
  • Don’t miss an opportunity and please your prospects by offering them a way to contact you 24/7
  • 3 options for prospective clients to get in touch with you: telephone, email, online chat.

Find a trusted professional. It’s as easy as it looks

With 32 digital platforms in 8 countries and thousands of professionals available, Welink provides you with the contact you need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for an accountant, an agency, a law firm, or working on a home renovation project: you say the word, and we have it covered.

Your decision, your expert.

  • The obvious and easy way to find an expert
  • 5 verticals for every need: Accountants, Agencies, Architects, Legal, Builders
  • A unique community of professionals ready to work with you
  • Filter by specialisation or location and customise your search 
  • Available in several corners of the world, and still counting

Get in touch directly and easily and choose proximity

  • We give you all the informations you need to compare professionals
  • Free access to the best professionals 24/7
  • Access to detailed information on all the professionals available around you
  • Regular posts published
  • Make your own decision

While it’s true that we provide you with the options that best correspond to your request, it’s still your choice to make when it comes to deciding on a professional. Our platform is dedicated to effective and efficient matchmaking, and we put our best foot forward to help you make an informed decision on which professional you wish to work with. Use our professionals’ personal profiles to check out their professional and academic histories, compare among them, and make your choice based on what best fits your needs.

  • Contact any professional directly by phone or message, or take an online appointment 
  • Pay the professional directly after the job is done

We insure your satisfaction, and you only pay once our professionals have provided you with the services you need. With no extra fees or hidden costs, you can rest assured that Welink will connect you with the right professional for the job at an affordable price. Sit back, and let us take care of it!