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With unwavering values and a dedication to its mission, Welink is regularly on the lookout for new talent to join its ranks. Join us and find your place among a lively, passionate team of professionals.

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We are looking for Inside Sales Representatives for our French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian and German teams.

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Typical jobs

Our team prides itself on its aptitude towards independence and teamwork. We are flexible, reactive, and regularly on the lookout for new talent! If you share our vision, you’re proactive, and you would like to join our efforts, make sure you reach out and apply.


Are you a real negotiator, easygoing, and capable of establishing a lasting relationship with your contacts? Come aboard and join our team! Our work is intense, but it’s highly rewarding.

Engineering & product development

You are fluent in Ruby, Ruby on Rails is no mystery to you, and you know new technologies by heart? Then you’re the perfect addition to the team!

Our values

Work ethic is extremely critical to the well-functioning of our mission and vision to help professionals reach their full potential. We value transparency and commitment to our goals, as well as an atmosphere of constant communication and collaboration. Our core values lie primarily in our capacity for evolving and moving forward in a business world that is itself fast-paced.


We believe in empowerment and autonomy. Every employee is supported and encouraged to be responsible and active within the company. We advocate personal initiatives and through them, evolution and internal promotion. We believe in acknowledging each of our employees and encouraging productivity, two necessary conditions that empower our business and yours. Whether it’s for our team or our clients, we provide the information and tools that everyone needs to achieve their desired results and have a real impact.


As a fast-growing company, we consider it our duty to obtain the best possible outcome in the most efficient manner by maintaining intensity, a sense of urgency, and passion. We take prudent decisions quickly, execute them with intensity, and align them daily with the company’s overall objectives – all the while never losing sight of the client’s interests. The energy provided by each member of the company contributes not only to the company’s outreach in each country where it is established, but also to its notoriety.


Every day our commitment is categorical, and we work under the assumption of “good is not good enough”. We believe that there is always more to achieve, more opportunities to get ahold of, and more ways to innovate. We consistently challenge ourselves and aim for excellence. We believe that without effort, without the will to win, and without perseverance, talent and skill are only potentials. We know the needs of entrepreneurs because we’ve been there. Day after day, to place itself ahead of its competitors, Welink works on transcending itself and achieving significant collective effort without forgetting to take a breather and celebrate its successes.


Everyone on the team shares the same focus and commitment. We listen to and learn from each other. We feel that team spirit is conducive to happiness and productivity and makes us stronger.

We don’t only connect people, we also build communities and foster collaboration. We work jointly with our clients to reach the offer that best suits them because we believe collaboration is always in the client’s best interest. With empathy and simplicity, we pursue win-for-all solutions.


We choose to place people at the heart of our preoccupations and we value everyone equally. We prioritise consideration and deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company. We care about what we do and what you want your success to look like.

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